District IV Annual Meeting Travel Award

The travel award fund will consist of 1 or more awards up to a maximum of $500.00 each to support travel to the annual District IV AALAS meeting. The awards are designed for Branch members who normally would not have the opportunity to attend a major AALAS meeting, not for those in managerial or supervisory positions whose travel would be supported by their institution. This is an excellent opportunity for those members who desire to broaden their experience and participation in AALAS.

How to Apply:

1. Applicants must be an Appalachian Branch member in good standing.

2. Applicants must complete the award application attaching a statement of interest expressing why they want to attend and what they expect to gain or achieve in relation to their future career goals.

3. A letter of recommendation from the applicants supervisor must be attached, including a statement that his/her institution will allow the applicant to attend the meeting and any expenses they will cover.

4. Preference will be given to those applicants who are giving a presentation, (poster, platform session or seminar) or serving as a meeting volunteer, moderator, assistant, etc. Please attach a synopsis/abstract of your presentation or a copy of your volunteer assignment.

All applications will be reviewed by the Branch Awards Committee. The number of awards issued will be dependent upon the number of applicants recommended and available Branch funds. The total amount awarded to each recipient will vary based on estimated expenses for the specific meeting including; travel distance, institutional support, room sharing, etc. If every effort is made to keep the expenses to a minimum, such as sharing rooms and mode of travel or getting your institution to pay for the registration or any part of the expenses, then more awards can be offered benefitting many more Branch members.

The recipients and total amount to be awarded must be approved by the Branch Board of Directors at the winter quarter Branch meeting and will be announced during the annual awards ceremony. Award recipients who do not attend the meeting must return the award to the Branch treasury. Travel awards are not transferable.